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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
tell it again here, I see nothing wonderful in it; but it is heresy to say so : the Duke of Argyll says, he is superior to Betterton. Now I talk of players, tell Mr. Chute, that his friend Bracegirdle5 breakfasted with me this morning. As she went out, and wanted her clogs, she turned to me, and said, 'I remember at the playhouse, they used to call Mrs. Oldfield's6 chair! Mrs. Barry's7 clogs ! and Mrs. Brace-girdle's pattens!'
I did, indeed, design the letter of this post for Mr. Chute ; but I have received two such charming long ones from you of the 15th and 20th of May (N.S.), that I must answer them, and beg him to excuse me till another post; so must the Prince8, Princess, the Grifona9, and Countess Galli. For the Princess's letter, I am not sure I shall answer it so soon, for hitherto I have not been able to read above every third word ; however, you may thank her as much as if I understood it all. I am very happy that mes bagatelles (for I still insist they were so) pleased. You, my dear child, are very good to be pleased with the snuff-box. I am much obliged to the superior lumieres of old Sarasin10 about the Indian ink: if she meant the black, I am sorry to say I had it into the bargain With the rest of the Japan: for the coloured, it is only a curiosity, because it has seldom been brought over. I remember Sir Hans Sloane was the first who ever had any of it, and would on no account give my mother the least morsel of it. She afterwards got a good deal of it from China; and since thatj more has come over; but it is even less valuable than the other, for we never could tell how to use it; however, let it make its figure.
8 Anne Bracegirdle, died 1748.
0 Anne01drLeld(1683-1730), 'generally went to the theatre in a chair, attended by two footmen, and in the dress she had worn at some aristocratic dinner.' (D. N. B.)
7 Elizabeth Barry (1658-1713).
8  Prince Craon.    Walpole.
9  The Signora Elisabetta Capponi G-rifoni, a great "beauty.    Walpole.
10  Madame   Sarasin,   a  Lorraine lady, companion to Princess Craon. Walpole.